How To Get a Quote

It is the desire of ASBAIT (Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust) to provide comprehensive health benefits at reasonable costs to Arizona school administrators.  If you are interested in learning how ASBAIT could assist your members, contact our Sales Associate, Chuck Nelson, or fill out the form below.  

The following information is necessary to provide a quote for service.  

  • Name of current Carrier or TPA
  • 2 Years Rate History (Current/Prior)
  • 2 Years Paid Claim History (Current/Prior)
  • Large claim information (Paid amounts over $25,000) with diagnosis and current status
  • Current Schedule(s) of Benefits
  • Covered employee census (with plan selection and type of coverage), including covered retirees if applicable

Click here to download the ASBAIT Checklist to start the quote process today.