Full suite of plans to meet the needs of schools, employees and their families.

As a member of ASBAIT, you have access to multiple plan design choices and high quality medical providers to better serve the needs of your employees and their families.

Nine plan design choices

  • Six medical PPO plans 
  • Three High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) with Debit Card at no additional charge.
  • In and Out of Network Coverage on all medical plans
  • Preventive care - annual exams and check-ups, well-child care, immunizations and screenings mandated by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  • Routine Care (includes any routine care item or service not otherwise covered under the preventive services provision above) 100% of the first $300 per Calendar Year, then 10%. 


PPO Networks

Three (3) PPO Networks - Continuing the journey towards increased member health and well-being with broad and innovative preferred provider network options.


Maricopa, Pinal, Pima and Coconino County Schools

Exclusive high-performance patient-focused healthcare driving the quality of care. You will experience medical care that is proactive, not reactive. This puts the focus on wellness and managed chronic conditions before more serious issues can develop.

    • Increased cost savings while improving access and quality of care 
    • 2,900+ primary care doctors,  19,000+ specialists, 38 hospitals
    • Preventive care - annual exams and check-ups, well-child care, immunizations and screenings
    • Aetna Choice® Point of Service (POS) II provided as a wrap network

Aetna Choice® Point of Service (POS) II

Healthcare where you need it

With Aetna Choice® Point of Service (POS) II,  ASBAIT members never have to choose between flexibility and savings.

    • National PPO network that is included with all medical plans
    • No referrals needed
    • You have choice to receive in-network care both inside and outside of Arizona.
    • Preventive care - annual exams and check-ups, well-child care, immunizations and screenings
    • 218,000 primary care doctors,  483,000 specialists, 6,200 hospitals


International Medical Solutions (IMS) Network (optional by district)

Cultural factors and geographic proximity can impact whether employees seek the care they need—and IMS helps increase care utilization.

    • Schools can cover all employees or offer employees option to purchase individually.
    • IMS provides access to a large network of certified medical specialists and hospitals south of the border.
    • Access to medical care and prescriptions in Mexico. 
    • Careful selection of participating providers with their quality assurance programs.



Expanding coverage beyond employees and their families. We also offer coverage to:

Board Members

Districts that provide coverage for active board members can extend coverage as provided for active members as long as the board member has fulfilled a full four-year term.


We have heard it before. We want to take care of our employees who have dedicated years of service to our school but, we do not want to increase our rates due to potentially higher costs for senior healthcare. With ASBAIT Retiree coverage we have eliminated your concern as the financial experience is not part of the district’s experience.

    • The employee must meet the qualifications for retirement under their District’s retirement policy and be covered as an active ASBAIT member immediately preceding their retirement status.
    • No GASB-45 reporting requirements.


For member or provider questions regarding benefits, claims status or eligibility call Meritain Health Member Services at 1.800.762.2234 or visit