Working-Well Wellness Program

The ASBAIT Working~Well Wellness Program takes a holistic approach to health management. The program helps improve your well-being and health including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and occupational elements, as well as fun to create your own unique Working~Well Program.  This important benefit is provided at no additional cost.

Suite of Services

Support for Wellness Coordinators through Wellness Services Representatives on staff, Campus Challenge Banners and Wellness Stipends.  Additionally, employees are provided:

      • 52 Weekly Health & Safety Tips
      • 12 National Health Observances
      • 12 FitBit Challenge Winners
      • 4 Quarterly Newsletters
      • 2 Wellness Campaigns with incentive prizes

How can you participate in your school wellness program?

ASBAIT offers a fall and spring semester wellness campaign. Each district has an appointed wellness coordinator that supplies program information to the staff. Please contact your district’s benefits/human resource department for details on how you may begin participating in the wellness campaigns or contact: